High Performance Training


Physical health leads to more willpower, endurance & greater overall contentment.


Clarity and mental health is key for maximal productivity, efficiency & effective problem solving. 

High Performance

High performing is key for great success and the product of habits for health and growth.

„Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit“ – Aristotle

Ready for the next level?


The first step is understanding the importance and value of holistic health when it comes to high performance.


The second step involves some motivation to implement health and brainpower enhancing habits into the everyday live.


The first step is to understand the importance and value of holistic health when it comes to high performance.

I give people the tools to lead a meaningful, mindful & healthy life. This leads to greater success, high performance & mental clarity.

It is not about generating success but being successful in leading a high performing, meaningful life and enjoying the process of never ending selfdevelopment.

I think, our world needs more happy, healthy & high performing gamechangers.

Kathi Hönig

BSc, Holistic Health, Fitness & Habit Trainer


Most frequently asked questions & answers

95% of what we do is unconscious. Those habits ran on autopilot and are hard wired in our subconscious mind. How we brush our teeth, drinking coffee, frequency of working out, drinking water, food choices… all those things are habituated. Whenever we get an advantage out of an act, a habit is formed in order to save energy. This guaranteed surviving in ancient times.  So at some point to see a trigger (cue) like the tooth brush, is enough to develop the so called craving to act out the specific routine like in that case brushing teeth.

Once established, habits are programmed into our subconscious and we do not have to think of them anymore. High performers should be able to completely focus on their project and get into the flow. A good set of habits promotes to easily enter this state. High performers are known to have plenty of habits to make their life easier. It starts by a healthy morning routine and includes daily tiny habits to establish health and happiness which leads to more focus, energy and a positive open mind. 

Most important habits include health and fitness establishing routines like daily movement, healthy eating and drinking and restful sleep. This ensures having enough energy and brain power throughout the day. Other important habits have to do with maintaining a positive mindset, being grateful and self improvement.

Basic performance & health training:

This training consists of 2 main parts.

The first is to create understanding for the importance of overall health and performance. In this part I will not only focus on different health parameters but also give people easy applicable tools and habits to implement in everyday life. Also each attendee will build an own morning ritual. This part takes about 90 minutes.

The second part is a Q and A session where attendees can collect questions which I will answer about one week later.

„HIGH END“ training:

This training starts with the basic training but includes 2 more sessions to focus on brain health and stress relief. Each of those last 90 minutes. 

Each training is hold via Zoom.

Prices range from 300 to 700 € depending on the program. See „courses & programs“.

Lets just talk about your expectations and goals for your company and put together an individual and personal program.

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